The Terrain

The terrain at Te Awaiti is moderately steep - access around the property is on well-formed 4 x 4 tracks but a reasonable amount of fitness will certainly improve your chances of a successful hunt.  All hunting is on a guided basis, with a maximum of two hunters per guide.

Accommodation at Te Awaiti

After a day's hunting, we retreat to our comfortable, purpose-built lodge/camp - on most occasions, you will have the camp to yourself.  Fully carpeted floors, comfortable beds, warm fires and great cuisine make for a welcome retreat from the rigours of a day’s hunting.  With 7 miles of private coastline, crayfish and abalone (paua) often supplement venison, wild pork and wild mutton on the menu.

The Trophy Hunting Season

Our season starts in mid to late March each year.  The Roar usually takes place from late March until late April.  We continue to trophy hunt until August, at which point the large stags are near to casting their antlers.  Non trophy meat hunts can be done year round.

Hunting Seasons in New Zealand

The NZ Government does not apply set hunting seasons or license fees for the hunting of big game animals. The only seasonal constraint for trophy hunters is the period of the year when the stags cast their antlers to grow new ones.

Generally if you are seeking trophy heads, you should avoid the spring and first part of summer i.e. late September until March.

In order for us to organise the best hunting experience, please phone at least 48 hours ahead.

Premium Hunting Time at Te Awaiti

The Roar or the Rut is the best time to hunt Deer in NZ, being the mating season when species such as Red, Sika and Fallow Deer become quite vocal and therefore are easier to locate. The Red Deer begin to rut during late March and through April, with the Sika Stags and Fallow Bucks beginning in April and continuing through May.

Although the rut is the most popular time to hunt, very often the period after is just as productive. If you want to hunt wild boar or goats, the time of the year is not critical, good trophies can be taken all year round.

Arms Permits - bringing your own firearm from overseas to Te Awaiti

Under New Zealand law, visiting hunters bringing their own firearms into New Zealand must obtain a firearms Tourist License from New Zealand Police at the international airport on their arrival. It is a simple formality which costs $25NZ. – the licence being valid for 12 months.

All the details can be found at this handy website:

The form can be downloaded by your travel agent and completed 2 weeks in advance, then you can fax the application through to the Auckland Airport department. When you arrive the permit will already have been filled out and is ready for verification of the serial numbers on your firearm. This just speeds things up quite a bit, but is not a requirement.

Please note pistols and side arms are not permitted in New Zealand. If a visiting hunter chooses to use our firearms no permit is required, the guides license is deemed sufficient – we recommend this option.

Clothing and Footwear

Hunting clothes should be of polar fleece material for warmth and body protection. Polarfleece clothing creates minimal noise when brushed against the undergrowth. Footwear should consist of two pairs of light but sturdy boots with good grip.

Trophies and Taxidermy

Your guide will cape and salt your trophies. Mounting can be arranged here in New Zealand and you may have your trophies dispatched freight forward by air freight to your specified destination. The Taxidermist will complete all necessary documentation and bill you directly.

Multiple Species Hunt - the ultimate NZ hunting adventure

A multiple species hunt is entirely practical and can be arranged. In a 12-14 day hunting trip you may hunt all the species listed and can arrange a spot of trout fishing with contacts we have in the Taupo region.

'Fair Chase' Hunts

All our hunts are ‘fair chase’ hunts and we cannot guarantee that the necessary trophy will be taken. So much depends on the individual hunter’s skill! We do guarantee a high standard of service and the presence of trophy animals.

Trophy Fees

We don’t charge trophy fees at Te Awaiti Hunting Adventures. All you pay is your daily rate.

Thar and Chamois

We can arrange hunts for these amazing species with highly recommended guides in the South Island.

Equipment - what will you need to bring?

We supply all ground transport, guns and ammo upon request. Bring your own camouflage hunting gear and by all means bring your own favorite ‘Shootin Iron’.

Our hunting/guide ratio is 2:1.